How to Make Professional Referrals
Helping our partners make well-informed decisions about eldercare and senior living

The New Jewish Home offers a wide array of eldercare services in client homes, on our campuses in Manhattan and Westchester, and in our senior apartments. We are dedicated to helping you help your clients. To refer a client to one of our services or to find out more about what we offer, please use the following referral contact information.

horiz_with_doc_orangeFor Skilled Nursing Short Stay Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Long Term Care:
• Admissions to the Manhattan Nursing Home – Phone: (212) 870-4715 or email

• Admissions to the Westchester Nursing Home – Phone: (914) 864-5621 or email

For Home Care, Adult Day Care, Telehealth services, Care Management services and other at home offerings:
• Phone (800) 544-0304 or email

For Kittay House Independent Senior Housing:
• Phone (718) 410-1441, email, or visit

For University Avenue Medicaid Assisted Living:
• Phone (347) 418-4270 or email

For The Kenneth Gladstone Low Income Senior Housing Building
• Phone (718) 410-1500 or email

For the Weinberg Riverdale House Low Income Senior Housing Building
• Phone (718) 432-1234 or email

For the Weinberg Gardens House Low Income Senior Housing Building
• Email